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Members Declarations of Interest




This is a schedule of Members declared interests at Planning Committee and Council meetings held during the current Municipal year.

Committee date / Minute Description

19 May 2017. Min 197a Cllrs P Morgan, A Stevens, M Curtice and J Curtice declared they knew the applicant of specific planning applications and asked it be recorded in the minutes

1 Feb. 2017 Min 148 Cllr A Stevens declared he knew the applicants for applications 2016/3595 and 2016/3711.

1 February 2017 Min 163 Grants Cllrs M Curtice and J Curtice declared an interest in certain grant applications being submitted for consideration ( Einon St allotments).

6 April 2016 Min 196 Planning Cllr A Stevens declared he was neighbour of applicant for application 2012/0905 (Tipping Pencefnarda farm) didnt therefore vote on planning application.

2 March 2016 Min 173 Planning Cllr P Morgan declared being a close neighbour of planning appn 2016/0322 Advert signs Asda roundabout & didnt therefore vote on application.

10 Feb 2016 Min 171 Grants All Members noted their club Memberships and did not vote on grant applications they may be directly involved with.

4 Nov 2015 Min 101 Planning County Cllr David Lewis declared an interest in applicn 2015/2074 New School Parc Y Werin Gorseinon, and as the Gorseinon County Member did not participate in the vote.